Szczecin after hoursWhy Szczecin?

What can one do after work hours? Plenty of things! If you do not have an idea what to do, see , try, or where to go in Szczecin, below you may find some useful tips:

  • First of all – go sightseeing the city! Do you know that old German tenements and Szczecin's city plan resemble that of Paris?
  • Try one of the best delicacies - the local pâté (in Polish called “Pasztecik”). You will fall in love immediately with it!
  • Go to a classical music concert at the Szczecin Philharmonic (its new building was presented with many awards such as BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2014) or visit the Centre of Dialogue “Upheavals ” which was awarded a prestigious European Prize for Urban Public Space 2016.
  • Watch an ambitious movie at the Pionier Cinema, the oldest still working cinema in the world, which was opened in 1909.
  • Go for a bike ride! We have more than 100 km of bike paths in Szczecin! You can also go for a walk in the primeval forests which are located both in the city centre and in its outskirts. Our parks and forests are perfect for walking, jogging and Nordic walking. Water and green areas constitute more than a half of the city space. There are not many such cities in Europe.
  • Go kayaking or sailing – if you are a big fan of water sports, Szczecin is the right place to be. It is already one of the most –attractive locations in Europe where you can sail on river, lake, and lagoon, and even sail through the lagoon to the Baltic Sea. The city has the potential to become the most modern and the largest marina in the Baltic Region.
  • We also offer motocross and karting tracks, the Floating Arena Olympic swimming pool, and a golf course for golf enthusiasts.
  • Visit our museums! Szczecin is home to various museums (including the National Museum, the Museum of Technology and Communication, and the Institute of Maritime Sciences at the University of Szczecin), galleries and monuments. The latter can be admired by following the City’s Tourist Route. 
  • Go down to a depth of about 5 storeys and visit the underground routes in Szczecin. They feature reconstructions of the largest civil air-raid shelter dating from the Second World War, and the anti-tank shelter dating from the Cold War.
  • Visit Szczecin during the following events: The Tall Ships Races, The Street Artists’ Festival, Szczecin Music Fest, Kontrapunkt (Counterpoint) – Small Theatre Forms Festival, The “Spoiwa Kultury” Festival, The Days of the Sea, The International PYROMAGIC Fireworks Festival, The Picnic by the Oder River. You will be astonished by the number and variety of events that take place in our city!
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