Innovation CentresWhy Szczecin?

Szczecin is open to science, entrepreneurship and investors. It is also a rapidly developing IT services centre. Cutting-edge technologies are the basis for the economic and competitive development of Szczecin. Therefore, the city is investing in research centres, IT infrastructure and business-support institutions.

In the following places you will find the appropriate support and highly experienced experts.

Technopark Pomerania

Technopark Pomerania is a place in Szczecin, where the idea of supporting innovative entrepreneurship is being put into practice. This is where companies and new technologies develop. Owing to state-of- the-art and well-developed infrastructure and comprehensive support programmes, we can create the best conditions for the dynamic development of ICT companies – from incubation and start-ups, to reinforcing the enterprises already operating on the market and associated under the auspices of the Western Pomerania ICT Cluster.

The West Pomerania ICT Cluster

The West Pomerania ICT Cluster helps companies gain know-how and win business contacts. It aims to foster the economic development of the region and the local IT sector and to make Western Pomerania and Szczecin even more appealing to employees, investors, local entrepreneurs and students. This goal is achieved through direct, strong networking within the cluster with various market players, thanks to which new business projects can be designed to advance their products and services.

SERVICE INTER-LAB – the Centre for the Transfer of Knowledge and Innovation for the Service Sector

This centre combines the functions of a research unit, an educational institution, an R&D centre, a knowledge- and technology-transfer centre, a business incubator and a business-environment institution. It aims to foster such fields as education, science and business to streamline the growth of the services sector. It supports the exchange of knowledge and aims to shape the sustainable growth of these units while building strong relations between them

The Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer

This centre is an entity administered by the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, engaged in the commercialization and transfer of technologies, and the provision of assistance to businesses and academic entrepreneurship. The centre offers the following services: consultancy in the preparation/enhancement of business models, support for export-related activities, innovation and technological audits, consultancy in public procurement on the EU markets and the transfer of knowledge and technologies, the provision of office space to new businesses, consultancy in the preparation of business and marketing plans and self-promotion for new businesses, and the organisation of training courses.

The Innovation Centre at the Maritime University of Szczecin

MUS Innovation Centre is a company established by the Maritime University of Szczecin with the aim of transferring results of research and R&D projects to business and industry. As an independent partnership, but closely cooperating with the university, the company provides the expertise and knowledge of university researchers. Its offer is addressed to those who are interested in implementing new technologies, profiting from expert services or commissioning research and development work. The Innovation Centre at the Maritime University of Szczecin cooperates with entrepreneurs, a  group of reliable experts, investors, consultancy agencies and resorts. Moreover, it provides comprehensive trainings and administers the Maritime University’s three laboratories.

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