About the cityWhy Szczecin?

Just imagine Szczecin…

An alluring smell of chocolate penetrating the morning air in the whole city, the refreshing breeze from the Oder River, and jogging session in the wild primeval forest which can be easily reached by tram or car without being stuck in a traffic jam for hours…

An inspiring evening concert in the modern Philharmonic awarded with dozens of distinctions…Or a walk towards the sun going down behind the Embankments, offering a unique view of the port and the city beach…This is Szczecin a city which, despite its location at a distance of 100 km from the seaside, is truly filled with. maritime atmosphere, mainly through the Poland – and Europe –famous event called The Tall Ships Races.

The city has enjoyed a growing appreciation from investors for many good reasons, including the rapidly developing key industrial sectors, or the constantly improving connections with other regions in the country and Europe. However, perhaps the most important reason is that it is a great place to live and work. Both residents and investors love the city for its uniqueness, exceptional location and inimitable character.

Szczecin is an investor- friendly city. Despite the undeniable charm of our city, there are also numerous investment assets:

  • excellent geographical location – Szczecin is situated at the intersection of all the region’s transport routes. It is an important international transport hub along the pan-European transport corridor (North-South), which passes from southern Scandinavia, through the Oder waterway, the Czech Republic and Austria, and continuous to Mediterranean ports. It is situated along the route that connects Russia and Finland with Western Europe across the Baltic Sea.
  • the rating by the Fitch Ratings Agency ranked Szczecin at the A level. The rating reflects prudent financial management, operational expenditure rationalisation, good debt ratios and a moderate debt level
  • attractive investment areas with two Special Economic Zones: The Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone, operating in Szczecin since 2010, and the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone established in 2013
  • its „one-stop shop” effective investor assistance
  • the support provided by the District Labour Office to entrepreneurs in relation to recruitment and training processes, including financial support
  • its young and dynamic society and the availability of qualified workforce proficient in foreign languages – services are provided here in as many as 16 languages!
404.878 the population number 500 000 m2 of warehousing area 3,2 % unemployment 160 000 m2 of office area 818,7 million the value of foreign capital of enterprises 24 113 thousand tonnes the cargo turnover in seaports
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