• Area approx. 31ha
  • The property is divided into 3 investment sites:
  • Site 1 ~ 16 ha
  • Site 2 ~ 13 ha
  • Site 3 ~ 2 ha

Each site consists of plots with about 2 ha area.


The property is located in right-bank part of Szczecin, in the vicinity of the A6 Motorway – Szczecin Dąbie junction.
The site has convenient transport links with the airport, the seaport, Szczecin city centre, Berlin and with expressways: S3 (seaport – southern Poland) and S10 (Stargard Szczeciński – Toruń direction).

  • Distance to the A6 Motorway – 1 km
  • Distance to Szczecin city centre – 15 km
  • Distance to the Szczecin – Goleniów Airport – 30 km
  • Distance to the Szczecin – Świnoujście Port – 85 km
  • Distance to Berlin – 135 km

Railway siding is about 1 km away.


Szczecin City
Administrator – Industrial Development Agency in Warsaw
Sale by public tender

Investment incentives

  • Possible exemption from CIT taxes
  • Possible exemption from local taxes
  • The possibility of buying any area of investment land from 2 ha to 16 ha, according to the client requirements.


In accordance with the master plan the property is decicated for services, industry and warehouses.
Building restrictions for development:

  • max. building coverage 50%,
  • min. green area 30%,
  • max. building height 15 m, 3 storeys.


All utilities are available on the site: electricity, water supply, sewage, rain water sewage.