The maritime sector and RES

Szczecin is currently one of the largest and fastest-growing maritime centers in this part of Europe. The City’s strengths include its attractive industrial areas and a dynamically developing warehousing-space market. Szczecin boasts qualified specialist resource, which includes the graduates of the West Pomeranian University of Technology and Maritime University. The undeniable distinguishing features of the city include its exceptional location, long-standing shipyard traditions and the presence of the Szczecin-Świnoujście Port- one of the largest port complexes in the Baltic Sea Regions. The mystery of which was established first, the Szczecin city or the Świnoujście port, can hardly be solved now. Nonetheless, Świnoujście is undoubtedly the most important transit port for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Eastern Germany, as well as the western and south-western regions of Poland, with the cargo transhipment volume exceeding 24 million tonnes per year. Deepening of the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway to the technical depth of 12.5 m is one of the key investments that will not only help to develop the port of Szczecin, but also will be an important impetus for the development of the region.

A lot of companies take an active part in life of the city. The Westpomeranian Maritime Cluster Association promotes and consociates business entities and organizations form this sector. The cluster is an expert base and an important partner for decision-makers at all levels on issues related to maritime economy; therefore, it affects the creation of maritime policy for the region, the country and the European community.

The shipbuilding industry has been an important sector in Szczecin. The revitalized areas in the north of the city and in Ostrów Brdowski Island and Gryfia constitute attractive investment grounds, developed by modern companies. The Szczecin Industrial Park is located on the 45-h site of the former Nowa Shipyard in Szczecin. The Park is an attractive property for running a business, especially in the Offshore sector, or the steel industry.

Szczecin is also famous for the multitude of companies dealing in renewable energy sources. The world leaders in the wind power solutions market invest in our city. Moreover, we produce electrical systems for turbines which are located on land and sea around the world. Szczecin's companies also provide full service for wind farms - from the production of parts to modernization and consultation.