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With a view to establishing favourable business and corporate development conditions, Szczecin is dedicated to ensuring an efficient local investor’s service, cooperating in both operational and substantive terms with Government institutions and private companies (such as the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, special economic zones, business institutions and consulting companies). Investors are provided with the necessary information and assisted throughout the investment procedures. They may also choose from various forms of assistance, aimed at facilitating the setting up or expansion of economic activity in Szczecin.


The City Strategy Management Department has been established to serve investor. It is in charge of:

  • Providing essential information on the investments implemented in the City;
  • Organising meetings with the President of Szczecin, representatives of substantive departments of Szczecin City Hall, entrepreneur organisations, the County Employment Office, business institutions and academic centres;
  • Cooperating with developers in the field of commercialising office facilities in the City;
  • Providing assistance in selecting real property tailored to investors’ needs;
  • Supervising document circulation in connection with investment procedures;
  • Preparing investment portfolios;
  • Promoting investor’s contracts;
  • Providing assistance in selecting future employees;
  • Conducting promotional activities.
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