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Credit guarantees under the Jeremie Initiative in Szczecin are granted by Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency. They are targeted at micro, small and medium enterprises from Szczecin and neighboring municipalities (Police, Goleniów, Kobylanka, Stare Czarnowo, Gryfino, Kołbaskowo, Dobra Szczecińska). These business entities must employ fewer than 250 employees and their annual turnover cannot exceed 50 million euros or the annual balance is shaped below 43 million euros. The duration of the guarantee is a maximum of 66 months. These loans must have a significant impact on the development of a given enterprise; for example, they must contribute to the employment increase, implementation of new technological solutions, or development of employee qualifications. In a word, they must result in increased revenues and improved results. Our task is to help companies take such a loan.

Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency

So far (as of the first half of 2017) we have completed 4 Jeremie projects and we are in the process of implementing the fifth one, under which we have granted 258 guarantees for an amount over 36 million zlotys. Thanks to our guarantee, the companies have taken out loans for almost 80 million zlotys. These are, therefore, significant sums that the entrepreneurs from Szczecin needed for the development of their enterprises and they had not had access to them due to insufficient creditworthiness. Usually, after 3-4 business days after receiving the complete set of documents from a bank, we are able to finalize the contracts.

The Szczecin Loan Fund