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The President of Szczecin, Mr Piotr Krzystek, while implementing the Szczecin Development Strategy 2025, decided to create a brand which will promote the positive image of the city. Therefore, the brand "Made in Szczecin" aims is to promote local products and services which are distinguished by the highest quality.

The brand's trademark has been determined through a competition with the participation of the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Detailed rules and regulations for the awarding of the brand "Made in Szczecin" have been specified in the order No. 431/17 of October 3, 2017.

The brand "Made in Szczecin" is awarded by the City of Szczecin to unique products or services excelling at high quality.

The most important goals of the brand are not only to promote creative, economic, pro-investment and innovative activities in Szczecin, but also to strengthen local patriotism and identity. It also aims to: build a positive image of the city, improve the quality of products and services offered in the city, increase customer loyalty towards local products and services, promote and increase the prestige of entrepreneurs, institutions and other entities which are associated with the brand.

Entrepreneurs, institutions and other entities with their registered seats in Szczecin, whose products or services have been on the market for at least 12 months before the application date, may apply for granting the brand. The coordinating unit responsible for the implementation of the program is the City Strategy Management Department in Szczecin.

The brand is honorary, hence no financial gain nor tax relief can be awarded.

The entrepreneur who the brand will be awarded to, will have a possibility of taking part in the area of economic promotion run by the City of Szczecin. They will also be able to publish their logotype in their publicity materials.

Applications for the brand should be submitted to the City Strategy Management Department in City Hall at Armii Krajowej Square 1, (entrance from Odrowąża 1, 4th floor, office room 411 b), 70-456 Szczecin, in a sealed envelope with the inscription "Marka Zrobione in Szczecin".

Additional information may be found on the following website:

You may also contact us at 91 42 45 788.

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