In recent years, Szczecin has become one of the most popular locations for BPO, SSC and ICT centres. Easy access to top-quality office facilities, highly qualified employees with a good command of foreign languages, investments in cutting-edge technologies, and low labour costs are the main assets of Szczecin which attract investors operating in these fields.

This is the most crucial sector for us. Szczecin supports new technologies and companies that operate within this sector in our city. We continue to develop the IT infrastructure for educational purposes, promote knowledge and skills in the use of information technologies, and foster the growth of useful electronic services in the public sector.

You may find these rates interesting:

  • we are the second city in Poland to have the highest number of Internet hot-spots
  • we have a high ratio of computerization in schools and the lowest number of middle-school students per computer among Poland’s largest cities

Szczecin as Poland’s leader in the application of advanced information technologies – this the vision we are pursuing.