Biotechnology and medical technologies

Szczecin is open to science, entrepreneurship and investors. The city is an attractive location for biotechnology projects Do you know that we are one of the Polish cities with the largest number of pre-incubators supporting academic students and scientific workers in their practical market-oriented activities?

We are willing to effectively support innovativeness! Szczecin is rife with potential for developing knowledge-based investment projects requiring cooperation on an international scale. The factors which determine the city’s growth opportunities include its cross-border location, scientific and academic potential, and partnerships with neighbouring countries.

Why do biotechnology Project develop so well in the city?

Our unquestionable assets are:

  • Easy access to well-qualified scientific staff
  • A wide choice of specialized fields of education related to new technologies at the Pomeranian Medical University and the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin
  • An extended teaching and development programme in the field of biotechnology
  • Active cooperation between R&D centres and businesses