Szczecin in numbersWhy Szczecin?

Szczecin is a city of young, active people and a robust market of office space and innovative technologies. Investors choose this place because of the excellent geographical location, well-educated and highly qualified employees, and because of the support for investors that is given on the local and regional levels. Szczecin is a perfect place to work and rest in: water and green areas constitute more than a half of the city space. There are not many such cities in Europe.

0 300.55 km2
The city area
0 818.7 million zł
The value of foreign capital of enterprises
0 404400
The population number
0 4871.04 gross
The average gross remuneration in the business sector
0 24113 thousand tonnes
The cargo turnover in seaports
0 3.2 %
The unemployment rate
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