Fast Terminals sp z.o.o

Fast Terminals sp. Zoo set up its business in 1992. Fast Lines - a Belgian ship-owner from Antwerp, after long negotiations with the Szczecin- Świnoujście Port Authority, built a modern terminal in Szczecin. This port can handle all sorted and neutral chemical cargoes. The choice of place was not difficult because Szczecin was the best logistically located port for servicing UK markets. We currently have two specialized reloading terminals (one for single-cargo and the other for bulk) in the Szczecin port. Moreover, we employ 50 employees and handle approximately 350,000 tons of various loads annually Szczecin is located at the intersection of north-south and west-eastern transport corridors In addition, the port is connected to the south of Europe by the Oder River, which, given the current EU transport policy requiring the transfer of cargo from cars to alternative means, makes our city more and more likely to become a logistic power in this part of Europe.

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