CALBUD Sp. z o.o

We are a local company that has been in business since 1991. We have been one of the largest and most recognized construction companies in Szczecin for years. We have over 200 facilities that we have completed in Poland and abroad; these include residential, service, industrial and infrastructural facilities. We have also run a development activity; our company is proud to have completed several projects, including the award-winning "Magnolia Park Estate". This investment was awarded the "25th anniversary object - symbol of changes" in the competition organized by the President of Szczecin and the Association of Polish Architects.

Szczecin is a perfect place to work and live. We value the city not only for the universities and highly qualified engineers that graduate from them, but also for access to numerous national and international transport corridors. We also love Szczecin for its uniqueness, exceptional location, surrounding greenery and beautiful architecture that have an impact on the inimitable character of the city. Indeed, it is the place live and run a business.


Edward Osina, CEO of P.B. "CALBUD" Sp. z o.o.

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