Autocomp Management sp. z o.o.

We are a company operating in the R&D&I industry. We have the status of a research and development centre: for example, we develop new technologies and create smart specializations. Moreover, as the only company in Poland we produce simulators for various industries - from the army through transport to higher education. The company was founded by a group of scientific employees of Szczecin University of Technology almost 30 years ago. From then on, it has never occurred to us to change the location of our business. In Szczecin there are vibrant centres and higher education institutions that educate great specialists with whom we want to work. It is not true that the best experts go abroad because there is no work here – our company can certainly testify to this. Autocomp Management is proud to work with the best professionals who - as they say - "can carry out impossible things right away. For miracles, though, you have to wait a bit."

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